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Medical Insurance

Under the Malaysian Law, Medical Insurance Plan is mandatory for International student pursuing their education in Malaysia. The well-being of our students is important to us, as such, we assist our students in Hospital Admission, Insurance Claims and more. Insurance Plan details can be found here (All amounts are in Ringgits Malaysia). Insurance (Silver AIA Plan) fees are included in the total tuition fees.

Airport Clearance & Pickup

Britannia’s International students arriving Malaysia on student VAL (Visa Approval Letter) will not be able to clear the Malaysian Immigration Counters at the airport on their own. Our friendly staff will be present at the Immigration Counters at Malaysia Airports to assist the student in Airport Clearance, the students will also be dropped off to their accommodation by our friendly staff. Malaysia Airport Guide for International Students can be found here.

Assistance on Visa Issues

Applying for Visas can be a hectic task, we at Britannia understand this and we go the extra mile for our students in getting all the documents together, assisting students in contacting immigration department of Malaysia and resolving issues that arise in the process of student visa applications. Britannia understand the importance of visa applications, therefore we process all student visa applications in fast and efficient manner.

University Placements

As the student near to finish their English language courses at Britannia, our experienced counselors assist them in choosing the right university for their tertiary education, be it in Malaysia or abroad. Our Malaysian University partners offer attractive 2+1 or 3+0 courses, where students can obtain a full foreign degree (UK, USA, Canada Australian) while studying in Malaysia, or choose to complete their final year in UK, USA, Canada or Australia. Britannia takes care of the hectic Application and Visa process on students’ behalf.

Accomodation Assistance

Britannia students are given choices on their accommodation before arriving to Malaysia. We assist students in securing accommodation near to Britannia, near to public transports (LRT/MRT/BUS) to make their daily travels easy. Depending on the students’ budget, the accommodations comes with shared toilets, shared rooms, or private rooms with private toilets. Gym, swimming pool and 24 Hours security facilities are also available at the accommodation. Click here to view our current accommodation options.

Student Activities

Britannia’s activities are so much fun, along with activities in class, Britannia also creates outdoor activities, trips, visits, cultural events and more. Through our activities, our student not only improve English, but also create long-lasting friendships and memories.