Why Study In Malaysia

Malaysia Truly Asia, is a world class tourist destination, every year millions of visitors from around the world travel to Malaysia for tourism. Modern Infrastructure, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Flora & Fauna, Beaches with Crystal Clear Waters are just a few of the reasons for Malaysia being a top tourist destination.

Malaysia is also a top destination for International Students seeking Internationally-recognized education. Ministry of Education Malaysia ensures to maintain high standards in providing education. In addition to being a centre of quality education, Malaysia is also affordable with modern and cosmopolitan cities, multicultural society, peace and natural beauty.

Every year thousands of International students travel to Malaysia in pursuit of Recognized Education to embark on their academic future.

World Class Education

Malaysia is a top destination for international students seeking internationally-recognized education. Malaysian Universities have a proven track record of academic excellence and hold an international reputation of recruiting excellent students from around the globe.

National Quality Assurance Agency (MQA) play active role in scrutinizing educational standards all throughout Malaysia. Malaysian universities rank high in global university ranking tables, the oldest and premier university, the University of Malaya, is placed 19th on the QS World University Rankings 2019.

Since 1998, reputable Foreign Universities such as the Monash University (Australia), the University of Nottingham (UK) have set up their branch campuses in Malaysia offering the same qualifications as the main campus located overseas at much lower costs.

Bachelor’s degree programs such as 2+1 Twinning Programs (2 Years in Malaysia and the final year in abroad at the host university) and 3+0 degree programs (where student complete the entire Foreign University Degree Program in Malaysia) offer international Student a variety of study options to meet their financial budgets.

Affordable Costs

International Students are also attracted to Malaysia due to affordable study costs. Malaysia offers reasonable tuition fees and living expenses.

As the costs of living and tuition fees are at least half compared to other countries such as USA, Canda, UK, and Australia, Kuala Lumpur has been named the world’s second most affordable student city by QS Best Student Cities 2018. Foreign degree programs offer international student a cheaper alternative in completing their UK, USA, Australian degree in Malaysia.

Annual tuition fees in Malaysia are between USD 3000 to USD 6000, and the living expenses are average USD 400 to USD 800 per month.


Multicultural Society

Malaysia offers international students a one of a kind experience in a Multicultural society. Students get to experience different cultures; languages, customs, celebrate different festivals, and try a great diversity of food. Malaysia has a wide range of cuisine comprising of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Western Food.

Experiencing and interacting with different people and cultures, students learn to adapt an contribute.


English is widely spoken

Malaysia’s official and first language is Bahasa Malaysia. English is widely spoken in Malaysia as a second language, making it easy to communicate and live in urban areas, make new local friends and perform day to day tasks easily. The local populations’ understanding of English is above average, and the Malaysians are one of the friendliest people on earth.

Modern Infrastructure & Peaceful Country

Malaysia has good infrastructure which is continuously being improved. KLIA is a world-class airport, the cities are modern and there is an excellent road networks linking all the major cities and towns.

Malaysia also has a strong commitment to becoming a leading IT hub for the region through MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation).

Malaysia is proud to be the third most peaceful country in the world ranked by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) in their 2018 Global Peace Index. Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s strongest economies, due to decades of industrial growth and political stability.

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